The Home screen provides a summary of your irrigation system. Here, you will find information about your watering schedule, manual operations, connection status, and sensor configurations.

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Zones and Programs

Zones and Schedules is where you set up the program for your watering. Hydrawise offers two styles of programming: Standard and Advanced. Most users find that Standard Mode is perfect for the needs of their landscape. Advanced Mode provides additional programming options.

Water Triggers

Water Triggers guide Hydrawise to make changes to the programs based upon your feedback. You can use the default weather triggers or create your own adjustments. Examples of triggers include shutting down irrigation before a rain event occurs, or watering more often during hot weather.


Hydrawise supports a range of sensors that provide direct communication to the controller via the sensor ports. The software supports standard open/closed contact sensors, such as rain, soil moisture, and other ON/OFF sensors. Hydrawise also supports flow monitoring when used with a Hunter HC Flow Meter.

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Controller Settings

Controller Settings lists important information about your controller. This section allows you to change your controller name, edit or remove the serial number, select your desired programming mode (Standard or Advanced), change weather stations, and access other advanced settings.

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The Reports section provides critical information about your irrigation system, such as when watering is scheduled to occur or rainfall data. Hydrawise offers a variety of helpful reports to help you understand your irrigation system.

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The Remote feature will allow you to run a single zone manually, run multiple zones manually, or run a program manually.


The Events log is the Hydrawise time stamp for all controller activity. It provides a detailed description of all actions that have occurred, including manual operations, station runs, flow usage, program changes, and who authorized the changes.


The Alerts section allows you to better monitor your irrigation system and stay informed of potential problems. You can create alerts to track water flow, detect faulty solenoid wiring, and deliver other information critical to proper irrigation system operation.

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The Messaging tool within the Hydrawise system allows for quick and convenient communication between contractors and their customers in a private-messaging format.

Account Details

Account Details lets you update your account settings. You can view or update your Hydrawise plan, change your email address, add your profile picture, update your preferred language, and change your regional settings. You can also search for and link to a local contractor.

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My Controllers

My Controllers is designed for customers with more than one controller. This section allows you to add and manage more than one controller.


The Users section allows you to give designated people access to your controller. Users can have access to change the controller configuration or view the configuration.

My Files

The My Files section allows you to store important documents. You can upload files that are useful in managing different irrigation areas. Irrigation plans and documents are a great reference when you have a variety of landscapes with individual watering needs.