The Multi-Site Manager Home page provides a summary of your customers’ irrigation systems. Here you will find information about your clients’ watering schedules, Hydrawise connection statuses, collective water savings, and much more.

My Customers

The My Customers page allows you to organize, manage, and monitor your customers. You can view and modify their information, configure their system, and provide support services such as sending a “Forgot Password” email.

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The Maintenance page provides a range of helpful tools for running your business. Easily respond to your Global Alerts. View the Events tab to monitor notifications, controller changes, and warnings in one location, and then act on them by using the Job Sheets tool. Once completed, you can remove them from the list.

Customer Wide Settings

The Customer Wide Settings page allows you to set global defaults once and apply them to all your customers. If using Advanced Mode, you can set up faster programming with water schedules and start times.

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Business Details

The Business Profile page allows you to display your logo and business details on your customers’ Hydrawise app profiles. This will give them easy access to your contact details.