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Account - Watering Type - Time Based

Time based watering will water on specific days (unless delayed by rainfall or forecast rainfall) and will vary the watering length based on your watering triggers.  The controller will use the Watering Triggers you’ve set to automatically adjust its watering schedule.This Watering type would be most common as it allows the user to set the information manually or choose from a list of pre-configured watering schedules.

Please view the steps and screenshots to access this feature:

Click on "Zones and Schedules" from the home dashboard. Scroll down to the first zone you choose to edit. Click on the  icon.

  1. Choose "Time Based" as the watering type and click "next."
  2. Choose the following options for the Time Based Schedule.
    • Watering type - time and frequency or preconfigured schedule.
    • Watering length - run time for zone in minutes.
    • Watering frequency - Every start time or interval days
    • Predictive watering adjustments - Adjusted based on your water triggers
    • Monthly adjustments can be made using a chart as well.
    • Click "next" when adjustments are complete.  
  3. Choose "enable or disable" the cycle soak feature.
  4. Finally, the Advance Section will allow you to select a "watering Adjustment" as a %.


Step 1


Step 2


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Step 4
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