Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Homeowner Plans - Quick Reference Chart

Homeowner Plans
Cost Free $60 per year
Weather Stations Airport All Available
Total Weather Stations Available 10,000 100,000+
Monitor Weather Stations Simultaneously 1 5
Hyper-local Rainfall Monitoring from Weather                             
Notification for Alerts Hydrawise App Text (SMS) and Hydrawise App
Number of Users 1 5
Number of Controllers 3 5
Attach Images to Zones 25MB 100MB
Reporting History 30 Days 365 Days
Plans and File Storage 25 MB 100MB
Start Watering Based on Sensor Input                              


Please contact the local dealer for pricing and availability on plan cards.  If you have an existing paypal account and wish to purchase online, please follow the simple steps in this article.

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