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Configuring - Trigger "Water Longer When Hot"

The "water longer when hot" feature will allow the end user to water the zone longer based on the percentage set in the water trigger. This is only available when using Time Based Watering type.  Please view the steps and screenshots to access this feature:


Click on "Zones and Schedules" from the home dashboard. Scroll down to the first zone you choose to edit. Click on the  icon.

  1. Choose the watering type "Time Based Schedule" and click "next."
  2. Check the adjust watering feature "water longer when hot" and click "ok."
Step 1


Step 2


Setting Trigger 

  1. Click on the default "100%" from the top right water trigger. 
  2. Adjust the "percentage" needed to water more and click "ok."
  3. Click "Submit."
  4. Using the slide bar, choose the "temperature" threshold.

NOTE: As an example, the zone using this trigger will water 15% longer when the temperature outside is above 85 degrees.

Setting Trigger: Steps 1-3


Setting Trigger: Step 4






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