Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


HPC- WRCLIK and HC Flow Meter

In the event you will need to install a flow meter and a rain sensor on the HPC controller, you will need to install using the following instructions. The HPC controller utilizes a single SEN output so these steps are necessary to make this work. For correct field wiring of the flow meter, please reference the article here.

NOTE: The software will only recognize the flow meter for this type of installation.  The Wireless Rain Clik will still shut down system after a rain event, but this will not reflect anywhere in the software.  The reports will not show ANY data for the rain events.

IMPORTANT: You will see alerts for underflow from the flow meter since the system will continue to run even with the common circuit interrupted by the rain event. These alerts will have to be ignored for this type of application. For more details on alerts, please view this article here.

Please reference chart and illustration below for controller wiring details.

Illustration Terminals Wires
Figure 1. AC 1/ AC 2  WRCLIK Yellow
Figure 2. COMMON  WRCLIK White
Figure 3. Valve Common  WRCLIK Blue
Figure 4. Flow meter - Blue/White  METER Blue/White


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