Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Contractor - Default Program Start Times

Contractors now have an option to set default start times for new customers in the customer wide settings.

When a new controller is created (Contractor Portal only), the new controller will automatically get the contractor’s default Program Start Times. If you want to have different settings for a specific controller, then they can be changed in the normal way.

Please view the steps to access this feature:

  1. Click on Settings  icon, then "My Customer".
  2. Scroll down to the "Customer Wide Settings" section.
  3. Click on the "Default Program Start Time".
  4. Press the plus button to "ADD" a new global start time.
  5. Select a start time, watering type, and watering days then press "OK".




It is also possible to re-apply the contractor Program Start Times to one or all of your customers if they have changed from your settings in the Contractor Portal. When re-applying settings all global (ie. not zone specific) Program Start Times for the controller are replaced with the contractor’s Program Start Times.

Please view the steps to access this feature:

  1. Click on "Re-Apply Settings".
  2. Choose all controllers or selected controllers to update the changes and select "OK"


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