Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Account - Run Length and Frequency

If you choose to enter the time and frequency for each of the zones, the following fields are available:

 Time and Frequency 
Watering Length: The number of minutes this zone will run for each time.
Watering Frequency:  Choose how often to water the zone.  The most common is Every Program Start Time.
Schedule Adjustment: Choose how to adjust the watering time based on your weather triggers.


Please view the steps and screenshots to access this feature:

Click on "Zones and Schedules" from the home dashboard.

  1. Select the  box for the station (zone) that you will need to edit.
  2. Select "Next" in the zone details
  3. Enter "watering length and/or frequency". Select "OK" to save.


 Step 1


 Step 2


Step 3



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