Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Smart Watering - Quick Reference


How Does it Work? Description
When does it water? Waters when estimated moisture level reaches 0% in zones and schedules.
Choosing Run Times See run time calculator here or consult with local contractor/distributor.
How is ET calculated? The calculation is done through the run times and the last 10 years of ET history based on the hottest time of the year for that location.
Forecasting High Temperature  Forecast three days in advance.



Programming: Zones and Schedules Description
Enter Watering Length Enter the number of minutes you want the zone to run (hottest time of the year)
Enter Peak Watering Frequency Enter the time between watering in the peak of your irrigation (hottest time of the year) Example: 1 day interval means the system will water every day in the summer schedule.
Next Available Start Time Box  Checking this box will reset the smart water balance to 0.  If this box is not checked when changing from time based to smart watering then the bar will automatically be at 100%.
Cycle/Soak This helps reduce runoff by running small increments with same total run time. This is used instead of soil type and slope.  Example: Station 1 requires 20 minutes of watering, but after 5 minutes, runoff occurs. However, after 10 minutes all the water is absorbed.
The solution would be to program
20 minutes for the station run time,
5 minutes for the Cycle time, and 10
minutes for the Soak time.
Advanced Fine tuning: This feature is designed to slow down or speed up the drying process.  If the soil is too wet, then we allow it to dry for longer, too dry, smart watering will allow less drying time.


Example:  If we have every 2 days set as the frequency, this is not the minimum frequency as it is merely a reference point based on the driest time of the year.  If we experience a drier time, we may need to water each day. Likewise, if we have a wetter time the frequency will increase, allowing for more time between watering.

Water Triggers Description
Use forecast temperature to predict Smart Watering This trigger allows frequency adjustment based on the current season.
Use forecast rainfall to delay Smart Watering  This feature assists in delaying irrigation when rain is predicted.


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