Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

Contractor Starter Guide

In this section, we will go through some of the best practices contractors can use to get started.

The first thing you need to do is register for a free Contractor Plan. You can do this by clicking here and following the prompts. Below you will find a few other guides to help familiarize yourself with using your contractor account.

How-To Guide Description
How to Add a Customer How to add a customer to your contractor account
How to Add a Controller for Your Customer How to add a controller to your customer's account or temporarily create it in your contractor account
How to Move a Controller from Your Account to Your Customer's Account This is popular if you set up your customers' controller under your account initially, and want to move it into their account later
How to Manage Users How to manage your customers and their information
How To Change Customer Access How to change a customers access, from full to
How to Add a Plan to a Customer How to purchase a plan for a customer or allocate a plan that has been included in the purchase of your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Plan

For our full list of contractor How-To Guides, click here. For a list of our contractor FAQs, click here.

Although we recognize that contractors all do things differently, below is a guide to help you establish best practices for installation and setup.

Offline Setup

There are two ways to set the controller to Offline Mode. You can also refer to our video here.

  1. This setup can be used when there is no Wi-Fi available and you want to temporarily set up the controller as a standard irrigation controller in offline mode. The first thing you need to do is set the controller to Offline Mode. Otherwise, you can follow the Offline Mode Setup Wizard. If you need to set up sensors in Offline Mode, click here for more information.
  2. The second way to set up a controller in Offline Mode is to temporarily connect it to a Hot Spot by following the steps here. Once it is connected, it let sync with the account the serial number is linked to so all settings and schedules are downloaded to the controller. Once this is done, you can then switch the controller to Offline Mode.

NOTE: You can switch the controller to Offline Mode once it has synced with your account, because all settings and schedules have been downloaded to the controller. To make any changes to the schedule or settings, you need to activate Online Mode or reconnect to the hotspot. Let the controller sync and then switch it back to Offline Mode.

IMPORTANT: Weather data, predictive weather changes, and remote access are not possible in Offline Mode.

Online Setup

You can refer to our video here for online setup. Otherwise, the setup for a customer's controller can be done in the following two ways:

  1. If you do not have access to your customer's account, you can access our guide here to help set up their controller.
  2. If a customer does not have an account, you can create one for them under your contractor account. Later, provide them with the credentials that you have established to set them up. You can learn to do this by clicking here. The customer can also change the password once they first log in by going to Settings > My Account and clicking on Change Password.
    IMPORTANT: Please use a valid email address, which you should obtain from your customer.
  3. If a customer does have an account, you can request access by following the steps here, under Add a Customer.
    NOTE: You will know this because the Request Access prompt will appear as shown in the guide above.

Depending on which option you used to create your customer's account and/or controller, you will know if the controller needs to be moved into their account. If you need to move a controller from your account to your customer's after setup, follow the steps here.

IMPORTANT: You need to have access to your customer's account to move a controller into their account. Please make sure your customer approves before you attempt to move a controller to their account.


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