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How does "Cycle and Soak" work?

Cycle and Soak is the ability to break the watering time for a zone into periods of watering (cycle) and pause (soak). This allows water to soak into the soil without runoff. You can enable or disable Cycle and Soak. If you enable it, you will need to specify the cycle and soak periods.

  • Cycle Time is the maximum number of minutes for which the zone can run.
  • Soak Time is the minimum time between zone watering to allow water to soak into the soil.
NOTE: To test Cycle and Soak, you will need to wait for a scheduled run because running a zone manually from the app does not allow Cycle and Soak to take effect. Once your schedule completes a run, it will switch to Cycle and Soak settings.
IMPORTANT: If your controller goes offline, your default watering schedule will still run, but Cycle and Soak will not work. Each zone will water its full length while offline.
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