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Account - Add User/Files

Add User

Both contractors and homeowners can add additional users to an account. However, as a home user, you must have an Enthusiast Plan to add additional users.

To add a user, click on Settings > My Account.


Next, scroll down to My Account Users and click Add User.


Fill in the required details and click Create. This will send a validation email to the user to activate the account. The user must create a password upon visiting the Dashboard for the first time.

User Name The name of the new user
Email Address The email address that the new user will use to log in to the account
Type of User
  • If you want the user to have full control over the controller, select “Can modify configuration and run zones.”
  • If you don’t want the user to have control over configuration, select “Can view configuration, manually run zones.”

You cannot add a user who already has an existing Hydrawise account. If the user has an account, email us at support@hydrawise.com. We will delete the account from our system and you can then add the user accordingly.


Towards the bottom of the accounts detail page, you can upload files which are useful in managing your garden. For example, you might like to add a picture which shows the layout of your garden and zones. Uploading of files is supported for Enthusiast plan customers.

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