Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Account - Setting Delay

To set a delay between your zones (inter-zone delay) or for a master valve/pump before the zone starts (master valve delay), go to   menu then configuration as shown below:

 Delay Description  Max Delay
Inter-Zone Delay The delay between each zone's start times. 3,600 Seconds
Master Valve Delay The number of seconds that the master valve starts before a zone starts. 600 Seconds


Some watering systems require water pressure for a sprinkler head to pop up. Thus, this delay can be used to ensure that water pressure is built up or maintained before a zone starts watering (or before the next zone begins watering) by delaying the time the next valve opens, ensuring water pressure is present. Depending on your specified setup, these delays can be used to meet those requirements. If you have questions about how to set delays, email us at support@hydrawise.com.

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