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Account - Editing Serial Number

This article will cover the following information on editing your controller's serial number.

  1. Linking to your account (Setup wizard and Dashboard)
  2. Unlink controller from your account

Linking to Your Account

There are two locations where you can link your controller to your account:

  • During the setup wizard (optional)
  • From the controller Dashboard

NOTE: You only need to link your controller to your account once. If you provided a serial number when going through the setup wizard, you’ve successfully linked your controller to your account and you can ignore these instructions.

To link your controller through your account Dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • On the Dashboard, click on the Settings icon located on the blue Watering Schedule bar. Then click the Link to controller… button.
  • Enter your controller’s serial number. The eight-character serial number is found on the side of the unit. The serial number is not case-sensitive.

Once you’ve entered the serial number, your controller will automatically download your settings and begin watering based on your watering schedules.

Unlink From Account

This is important if you wish you resell your controller or want to transfer ownership to someone else. This prevents the next user from getting the error message that the serial number they are trying to link to their account is already in use.

To unlink a controller, follow the steps below:

From your browser, go to the top right of your dashboard and click on Settings. From your smartphone app, click on More. Then click on Configuration.

On the next screen, locate your serial number. Then click Remove serial.

NOTE: This is helpful if you are either using controller on another site or replacing under warranty.


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