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Contractor - Moving Controller

You will now learn how to move the controllers that you manage. This is helpful for contractors who add a controller's serial number to their account for setup purposes, and then eventually want to move the controller to their customer's account.

NOTE: You can only move controllers to and from accounts that you manage.

Remember, to manage a customer's account you must first gain access to it. If you do not know how to do this, follow this guide: How to Add A Customer. Once you add the user as a customer, you can follow the steps here to move the controller from your account into theirs. If you mistakenly move a controller to the wrong account, these steps will allow you to correct that error.

First you will need to go to your Contractor Portal by going to Settings > My Customers.

Once you're in your Contractor Portal, you can scroll down to view your list of customers.

NOTE: Your account will always be first on the list.

Now, locate the controller you want to move. Since you just finished configuring the controller, click on your name as shown below.

Once you click on your name, the list of controllers under your account will appear.

Once you locate the controller you want to move, click on the three vertical dots for a list of options.

In this case, you want to move the controller. Click Move. A dialogue box will then appear with a drop-down list. This allows you to select the account you want to move the controller to.

Once you select the account you want to move the controller to, click on Move. This will move the controller accordingly to the selected account.

NOTE: As mentioned above, moving a controller from one account to another will move all settings, zones, and schedules that have already been set up.

Please remember to also delete any default controllers that were created during setup of the account that the controller was moved to. 

If you have any questions or are unable to move a controller due to a setup error (this usually occurs when a customer has not completed their account registration), you can email us at support@hydrawise.com for assistance.


How to remove/delete "My Controller"

The following is additional information that can be useful when deleting the controller that gets generated when activating a customer's account. You can skip the setup wizard for this controller altogether since you will be moving the intended controller into the customer's account.

With a new account, a controller must be created. This is the controller you will be deleting since it won't be needed once the intended controller has been moved.

Step 1. Go back to your Contractor Portal and click on the customer with whom you are working. From there, you will find the two controllers that belong to that customer.

Step 2. Click on the three dots next to My Controller and select Delete. 

When the customer logs in to their account, they should only see the moved controller, and not My Controller. If they are already logged in, they may need to log off and then log back in again to see the changes. If they are getting an error, they should definitely log off and then log back in again, as they could be viewing the deleted controller. 

Step 3. If you are not going to manage the customer moving forward, you can remove the customer from your account.

From that point on, the customer or homeowner will be the only one who has access to their account.



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