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Flow Meter - Test

If your flow meter is working but is not recording data in your Dashboard or events, follow the steps here:

1. If you can access the wires at the flow-meter end, strip the two wires back (if you're using quick disconnects, you can use a paper clip or wire to make contact) and touch them together. Do this 10 times, as each contact will record a pulse.

2. Access your app and see if flow data was registered.

  • If yes, your wiring and system are set up correctly. Reconnect to the flow meter and run a large flow (lots of sprinklers) zone. Did you get a flow on your app? If yes, all is OK. If no, contact support@hydrawise.com.
  • If no, go back to the controller and use another piece of wire to connect one end to either sensor 1 or sensor 2 (the port the flow meter is normally connected to). Then tap the other end against the sensor common (in the blue section). Do this 10 times.

3. Go to the app and see if it registered flow data.

  • If yes, there is a problem with the wire running to the flow meter.
  • If no, contact support@hydrawise.com.

4. To test the sensor inputs on the controller, you can use the same method with a paper clip or wire to make contact between sensor 1/sensor 2 and the sensor common. Do this 10 times and then check for flow data in your Dashboard.


IMPORTANT: Our controller is not polarity sensitive. There is no risk of electric shock when performing these tests. However, if you feel uncomfortable, please contact a qualified technician or irrigation specialist for further assistance.
NOTE: If it works at the controller end but not the flow-meter end, there is a wiring fault.
If it doesn't work at the controller end, contact support@hydrawise.com.
If it works at both ends, but still does not register flow on the app, contact support@hydrawise.com.
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