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Contractor - Viewing Customers & Controllers

Hydrawise accounts with a Contractor Plan have a dedicated portal for creating and managing customers and controllers.

To get to your portal go to Settings -> My Customers. This option is not available if you don’t have a Contractor Plan.

For more information on how the contractor portal works, see the Hydrawise Contractor Portal.

In the Contractor Portal, find your customer and click on their name to configure the details. 


Here, you can see the user’s:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Permissions

You can also:

  • Edit the user
  • Delete the user
  • Resend the activation email
  • Send a lost password email

Edit the User

Edit User

This allows you to set the user’s permissions:

  • If you want the user to have full control over the controller, select “Can modify configuration and run zones.”
  • If you don’t want the user to be able to change the configuration, select “Can view configuration, manually run zones.”

Edit User

Delete the User

Delete User

This allows you to delete this user.

Resend the Activation Email

Resend Activation Email

This allows you to resend the account activation email to this user.

Send a Lost Password Email

Send Lost Password Email

This allows you to send an email to a user to reset their password.

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