Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

How to Change Watering Times

Once you have set up your zones and schedules, you can modify the length of watering by clicking on the Zones and Schedules tab and then clicking on the zone you want to modify.

Note: This applies to both Time-Based Predictive Watering™ and Smart Watering.

Next, click on the Time-Based Predictive Watering™ tab and modify the Watering Length. Once done, simply press OK. Repeat these steps until you are satisfied will all the watering times for each zone.

You can modify the length of watering by going to the Tuning tab and adjusting the slider to either water more or less.

Please note the tuning feature can be used for both Time-Based Predictive Watering™ and Smart Watering. This option provides manual control for overall watering length per zone, and is mainly used when applying preconfigured watering schedules.

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