Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Why do we charge end-user subscriptions and fees?

If you're unsure whether you need an Enthusiast Plan or a free plan, see below.


We use Weather Underground to supply weather information for us. They have more than 120,000 weather stations around the globe, and are adding more every day. The problem is that many of them are home-based weather stations. We do not know how well they are cleaned, maintained, and calibrated to ensure accuracy.

Your irrigation system relies on this data!

Rather than letting you connect to an unknown weather station, we allow you to connect for free to an airport-based weather station, because we know these are the best-maintained weather references available.

If this airport weather station is not close to your house or the weather is significantly different at your house than the airport, we recommend two options:

Option 1) Use the free airport weather station and install a rain sensor at your controller location. This is a good option if temperatures are similar, but rainfall is different.

Option 2) Purchase an Enthusiast Plan ($5 per month, for a total of $60 per year) and we will allow you to connect to five local weather closest stations. We will then check these weather stations every hour and cross-reference them against each other to ensure that the information sustaining your landscape is accurate and local to you. You may not need to install a rain sensor, providing the weather stations are nearby.

Why do we charge? That's because we get charged for weather station access! Since we allow you to connect to five stations, we get charged five times per day.

Our competitors don’t charge? That's because they don't test weather stations for accuracy. They also don't allow you to connect to five separate weather stations.

If you have your own station connected to Weather Underground, we’ll let you access it for free! Send an email to support@hydrawise.com with the name of the weather station and we’ll take care of the rest.

In-app push notifications and SMS alerts

We understand that you want to know what’s happening with your system. That's why we provide free in-app alerts for customers. SMS (text) alerts are available with an Enthusiast Plan.

The full list of features included as part of an Enthusiast Plan can be found here.

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