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Configuring - Trigger "Water More Often When Hot"

You will now learn how to use this particular watering trigger. Please follow the example below to set up this watering trigger per zone.

IMPORTANT: This feature is only available when using Predictive Watering™ and DOES NOT apply to Smart Watering unless you use a preconfigured Watering Schedule. For more information on Watering Triggers for Smart Watering, click here: Smart Watering Adjustment; for Watering Schedules, click here: Configuring Watering Schedules.

Step 1. 

- Create a zone and set the watering trigger to "Water More Often When Hot."
- Set watering frequency to once a day (this setting will be explained later).

There is one zone for this example (highlighted in red) that  utilize Predictive Watering™ and are set to use the schedule adjustment "Water More Often When Hot."

Step 2. Create two program start times, for example:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have all zones selected for the start times created (or, at the very least, the zone you intend to "Water More Often When Hot").
Step 3. Set your watering triggers accordingly. You can set these up however you like. See below for this example:
When you check your Watering Schedule on the days that meet your watering triggers, extra watering will occur. For example, you will notice all watering that has been set to start at 7 p.m. is "extra watering watering due to temperature." 
Setting your frequency affects how this feature works. For it to work correctly, you must always have an extra program start time that is above your watering frequency. In our example, we used "water once a day" and created two program start times so extra watering can occur once. If you which to change this, you must ensure the above is met. For instance, if you have set watering to twice a day, you must create three program start times for the third program start time (the extra watering schedule) to take effect.
NOTE: Due to changes made to this setup, the extra zones do not show on the above screenshot because those are passed events on my watering schedule. At this time, due to weather changes, no extra watering has been scheduled. Thus, only past events were used in this example.
IMPORTANT: To ensure that "Water More Often When Hot" works, you need to have an extra program start time that is above your watering frequency. If you select "Every Available Program Start Time" as a watering frequency, this feature will not work because watering is already scheduled for all program start times.
The general calculation is:

<number of times per day> multiplied by (1 + <trigger percentage>) = number of watering times for the day (rounded down)

So, for once a day and a 50% trigger, the calculation is:

1 x (1 + 0.5) = 1.5 = once a day (rounded down)

Twice a day multiplied by (1 + trigger percentage) could be greater than 2 if the percentage is greater than 50%:

2 x (1 + 0.5) = 3 = 3 times a day

Twice a day multiplied by (1 + trigger percentage) with a trigger percentage of 100% would give you 4 times a day:

2 x (1 + 1) = 4 = 4 times a day

IMPORTANT: If you require multiple waterings per day, this is the one situation where low-priority watering times are useful. You could have a normal watering time of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and a low-priority time of 12 p.m., which will get used only if you are watering more often and you need a third cycle for the day.
Please feel free to test this setup as you see fit for your watering needs. Should you have further questions, send an email to support@hydrawise.com.


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