Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Flow Meter - Custom Flow Sensor Configuration

To add a custom flow sensor, go to Sensors from your web browser or smartphone application.

Click Add Custom Sensor Type

A dialogue box will appear for you to enter your custom flow meter details. Make sure you enter the calibration details for your custom pulse-based flow meter. Please refer to the manufacturer specifications to find out the calibration. Otherwise, you will not get accurate readings to display on your flow data.

NOTE: For our system to detect the correct flow data and reflect it on your Dashboard reports, any third-party flow meter used must be a true pulse flow meter or have a reed switch. We aim for a minimum of 10 pulses per min and a maximum of 120 pulses per min. That means if the flow rate was 10 gal per min, 1 pulse per gallon needs to be set.

When using a third-party flow meter, please ensure it meets the specs above and is calibrated correctly. Otherwise, data will not reflect accurately in reports. Also, note that the wiring is not polarity sensitive. As long as you have one wire in a Sensor Port and a Sensor Common, the device will work correctly. For flow meters that use three wires and meet the specs above, configure the wiring until you find the two correct wires to use.

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