Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

Can I run more than one zone at a time?

You can only run one zone at a time (this is how a normal irrigation controller works).

Running multiple zones at once is usually not possible due water-pressure limitations.

As with any standard irrigation controller, you can wire multiple solenoids/valves to the same zone output if you want. We support up to two solenoids per zone output, plus a master valve, for a total of three solenoids at any given time.

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    this option is increasingly being asked for amongst many irrigation controller  request boards and having bought a Hydrawize contoller a year ago im looking to move on to find one that supports this very feature 
    to be able to manually have multiple zones going at same time when wanted gives us control when flushing new lines and when we have ample pressure and have short zones we need to match with longer zones depending on days heat or having laid fertelizer or fresh laid lawn when expanding

    Most of these problems can be solved with wiring but this makes hard to switch back and forth of course

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