Wi-Fi Irrigation Control
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Offline Mode - Run the Setup Wizard

Please follow the steps below to run the setup wizard in offline mode. Refer to Setting Controller to Offline Mode or How to Factory Reset Controller before running the wizard.

Step 1. From the Connection Wizard screen, tap on Configure Offline. If you select OK, you will proceed to the online setup wizard.


Step 2. Tap OK to move on to the next step.


Step 3. Enter in today’s date if it hasn’t already been set or if it is incorrect.

Step 4. Enter today’s time if it hasn’t already been set or if it is incorrect.

Step 5. From this screen, tap OK.

Step 6. Please assign your Master Valve if you’re running one as advised on the previous screen. Otherwise, keep Not Assigned selected and tap Confirm.

Step 7. Tap OK.

Step 8. You can now enter (in minutes) the run length you want for your default zone run time. Then tap OK.

Step 9. Tap OK to proceed to the next screen.

Step 10. Next, set how often each zone will run. As advised on the previous screen, you can set individual frequencies for each zone.

Step 11. Tap on OK to proceed.

Step 12. From this screen, you can manually configure each zone according to your desired schedule. Simply tap on Add to add a program start time and follow the steps below. You can toggle between zones by tapping on Next/Previous or you can leave the start time to APPLY to ALL ZONES.

Note: Each zone can have up to four program start times and an additional four start times under the All Zones section as shown below. Applying the start time to ALL ZONES will run through all zones with a single start time.

  1. Tap ADD in the start times menu.
  2. Select the green box upper in left to enter PROGRAM START TIME (24 hr format)
  3. Tap the DAYS to be selected after finished with start time entry.
  4. Tap CONFIRM to save the start time entry.
  5. Add a second start time for all zones or single zone if desired.
  6. Tap the HOME icon (upper right) to allow station run times setup.


Step 13. From the home screen, you can manually configure each zone run time. Simply tap on ZONES to add a zone run time and follow the steps below. You can toggle between zones by tapping on each zone number.

Note: The default run time and default watering frequency are applied to all zones during the setup wizard. Setting individual run times and frequencies is done by going into each zone afterwards

  1. Tap ZONES in the home menu.
  2. Tap the first zone to edit, (For Example: ZONE 1).
  3. Tap on RUN TIME in the center of the screen.
  4. Enter RUN TIME (minutes:seconds format), then press OK to save entry.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for station run times.


NOTE: To get your controller back in online mode, follow the above steps, enable Wi-Fi, reconnect to your SSID (Wi-Fi connection), and let the controller synchronize with your online Hydrawise account.

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