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I am unable to log in using the Facebook app. What should I do?

Since the update to iOS9, there has been an issue with logging in using your Facebook information on both the iOS and Android platforms. The following error occurs:

Since there is no current fix, you must use a work-around method:

- From your web browser or smartphone application, click or tap on Forgot password?



- Enter the email linked to your Facebook account.


- Once you click Reset password, you will receive email confirmation that your password reset request has been processed.


- Click on Back to login. Then check the email that you use with your Facebook account. Click on the link to reset your password.


- Once you click the Reset Password, you will be launched into your Dashboard. You can now type in your new password. For security purposes, we recommend using at least one capital letter and one number in your password.


Your password has now been reset. You can continue logging in to your application on either your iOS or Android device by entering your email address and password. Don't use the Facebook login option, as this will not work.

Resetting your password this way does not reset your Facebook password, so you can continue logging in to your Facebook account using your known password.

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