Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Contractor - Viewing Changes to Customer

When a customer has a problem with a controller, do you ever wish you could see what changes they’ve made to their configuration? You can do that by:

Look at Your Customer Alerts:

  1. Click on Settings –> My Customers.

In the Customer Events section, you can see different types of alerts. Use the Info, Warning, and Error buttons to show or hide different types of alerts.

Types of Alerts

Types of Alerts
Errors Problems with the controller, such as overcurrent or excess water usage
Warnings Possible problems with the controller, such as low current
Info Information about the controller, such as new zones added or zone run times


Looking at Reports for a Controller:

From the menu, choose the Controller link.

Choose the controller you want to view:

Next, select Reports and click on the Event report. This will show a list of any messages related to that controller from the past week.

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