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Contractor - Portal Overview

Hydrawise accounts with a Contractor Plan have a dedicated portal for creating and managing customers and controllers.

To access your portal, go to Settings -> My Customers. This option is not available unless you have a Contractor Plan.

The Contractor Portal has four sections:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Customers and Controllers
  3. Customer Events
  4. My Business


The Dashboard shows you key information about your customers and their controllers.

You can see all events for your customers’ controllers, including recent alerts on issues such as high or low currents, water flow problems, weather station problems, or controllers going offline. To see all events, go to the Customer Events section.

You can also see how many customers you have, including those who have not yet given you access to configure their accounts (these show as "pending"). There are also statistics for the controllers you manage and status indicators that show whether they’re online or offline.


Customers and Controllers

This section allows you to configure all your customers and their controllers. You can also see your own controllers.

When you first enter the screen, you’ll see a list of your customers. From here, you can also Add a Customer. Customers are color coded by the type of plan they have:

  • Green for a Home Plan
  • Orange for an Enthusiast Plan
  • Blue for a Contractor Plan

There’s also a map that shows all the controllers you manage (unless you’re using a small screen). Controllers on the map are color-coded by their status:

  • Green: Online
  • Red: Offline
  • Yellow: This controller is not yet linked to a physical device. To do so, you can configure the controller and attach a serial number.

Click on a controller on the map to see status information.

You can use the search box to find your customers by name, email address, controller status, or serial number. Clear the search box if you want to see all your customers.

To manage a customer, either click on their name or use the menu next to their name to show their details. You can also use the menu to remove a customer from your account. Once you’re looking at a specific customer, you can configure plans, controllers, and users.

Customers and Controllers

Customer Events

This section shows all events for your customers’ controllers, with the most recent events at the top. Events can be related to errors, warnings, or information. You can use the buttons at the top of the section to filter the types of events you want to see.

Click Acknowledge next to a specific event if you no longer wish to see it. You can also click Acknowledge All Events.

You can also change the number of events shown on the page, and search for events by:

  • Customer name
  • Controller name
  • Date
  • Event information keywords (e.g., “flow” or “usage”)
  • Event severity


My Business

My Business

From here, you can view or change your plan.

Change Plan

You can also view and update your business details.

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