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Configuring - Preconfigured Schedules

Watering Schedules allow you to configure watering times, watering frequencies, and schedule modification settings for your irrigation zones.

Watering Schedules can be used for zones that are running either Time-Based Predictive Watering or Smart Watering. However, for Smart Watering zones the Schedule Adjustment option in a preconfigured Watering Schedule is not used. For more information, see Configuring Irrigation Zones.

Each Watering Schedule contains the following settings:

Schedule Name This is the name of the Watering Schedule
Run Time This is the watering time for this landscape type under normal conditions (if it is too hot or cold, this value will be automatically adjusted)
Watering Frequency How often this schedule needs to run
Schedule Modifications


When the day’s forecast or current temperature is above your threshold, you can choose how often extra watering occurs.
  • Water More Often When Hot: Waters more often, unless you are using a watering frequency of Every Valid Program Start Time
  • Water Longer When Hot: Will extend the watering time based on the percentage you set in the Watering Triggers
  • Don’t Water Extra When Hot
  • Don’t Modify Schedule
If you are using a watering frequency of Every Valid Program Start Time, watering will occur at each Program Start Time regardless of schedule modifications set above.
NOTE: Watering Schedules are not just time based; they work for smart watering zones, too. You create the schedules in advance for use across multiple zones.
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