Wi-Fi Irrigation Control
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My dashboard shows no recent contact. What does this mean?

  1. No recent contact means your controller hasn’t connected to the Hydrawise servers to synchronize information.

  2. Check that the controller is powered on.

  3. Check that your wireless router is powered on.

  4. Check that internet on the wireless router is working by connecting another device (e.g., phone) to the wireless router and connecting to the internet.

  5. Check that the controller shows a green Wi-Fi logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. If this is flashing, the controller is not connected to your wireless router.

  1. If the controller has connected to wireless, go to Network Settings and do a network test:

    1. Press the Test Network button on the controller. This will perform a ping test to your local wireless modem, your DNS server, and the Hydrawise server. Make sure the tests are successful.

The Test Network button can be used to test network connectivity for troubleshooting purposes. The network test will verify connectivity to four destinations:

  • Checking Wi-Fi performs a ping test to the Gateway address listed in the Network Status screen. If this test fails, check that you don’t have MAC address filtering enabled on your router.
  • Checking DNS performs a ping test to the DNS address listed in the Network Status screen. If this test fails, check that the DNS address is correct. If it is wrong, correct the DNS address under DHCP Settings on your wireless router. It is possible for this test to fail if the DNS server does not accept ping requests.
  • Checking Internet performs a ping test to the Google server at IP address This is a well-known server that accepts ping requests on the internet. If this test fails, it indicates an issue with the internet configuration of your wireless router.
  • Checking Hydrawise performs a ping test to the Hydrawise servers. If this test fails, it may indicate an issue with the internet configuration of your wireless router.
  1. Make sure you have values for your IP address, Gateway, and Netmask. Also make sure that the DNS server setting on the controller matches the other settings on your device.

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