Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

What extra equipment do I need?

You need to have Wi-Fi or a wireless access point connected to the internet (your access point must support 802.11b).

If you don’t have one, please contact us for more information. There are no configuration changes required for your wireless router (access point) to allow remote access. Your Hydrawise controller is designed to operate with standard 24V AC solenoids (the plug pack is supplied).

For further information, refer to: Change Your Wi-Fi Router Channel to Optimize Your Wireless Signal. You can also speak to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for exact steps on how to do this on your specified router.

Note: To take advantage of our online features, you must have a compatible Wi-Fi network available where you plan to station your controller. This is because our controller does not support an ethernet connection.

If you're having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi, refer to Wireless Troubleshooting for further assistance. You can also contact us at support@hydrawise.com.

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