Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

What if I don’t have wireless internet?

If you have internet but no wireless access point, no problem! There are numerous wireless routers available that are cheap and easy to set up. For our U.S.-based customers, Best Buy offers a Belkin wireless router that plugs in to your existing LAN. This model is already configured for wireless functionality and has the wireless name and password on the outside of the unit.

You can also set up your controller as a standard offline controller. This doesn't require internet access. However, if you configure your controller without internet access, you will not be able to take advantage of the wireless control options via our online application. You also won't be able to use predictive weather data to assist you with Smart Watering and other weather-related features.

In offline mode, your controller will work just like any other offline controller. To set up your controller in offline mode, refer to: Setting Your Controller to Offline Mode.

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