Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

My zone won’t turn on. What should I check?

There are a number of things for you to check if a zone doesn’t start:

  • Verify your controller is connected to the internet and that its screen shows the zone is running.
  • If none of your zones start, check to see if you have a master valve. If you have a master valve, no zones will start until you’ve configured the master valve in your app. If you’ve moved from an old controller (such as Rain Bird), this will be labeled as "MV" on the old controller.
  • If none of your zones start, check that you have correctly wired the common wire(s) to the controller. There is a wiring diagram available for reference in the controller packaging and also online.
  • After the zone has finished running, check the Event Log (under Reports) and look for a log entry indicating the zone has finished running. The Hydrawise controller can detect high- or low-current issues that indicate a wiring problem. If the controller measures low current, you will see a Warning log entry indicating the valve is not correctly wired to the controller. If the controller measures high current, you will see an Error log entry indicating a wiring short. The controller will automatically turn the zone off when it detects a wiring short.

If you’re still having issues, contact us for help.

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