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Contractor - Updating Business Details

As a landscape contractor, you can make your business details available to existing Hydrawise customers. They can then choose for you to manage their controllers.

NOTE: If you’re already registered as a contractor, you can update your details in two ways:
  • Via your My Account screen. Simply click Change next to your Contractor Settings, choose your existing plan, and update your details.
  • Via your Contractor Dashboard by scrolling down to the very bottom.

If you’re not already registered as a contractor, you can do so via your My Account screen.

  1. Click on Settings  icon, then My Account.

Next to Contractor Settings, click on Change.


This will show the Register for a Contractor Plan screen.


If you choose a plan that has an associated price, you’ll be taken to PayPal to complete your transaction. Then, you can enter your business details.

Your Business Name The name of your business
Contact Details Your phone number or email address
Business Location Where your business is located
Website Your business website address
Business Description A brief description of the services you offer


If you would like your details to be available to Hydrawise customers, check the “I want my details listed online so customers can find me” box.


Now that you’re set up as a contractor, you can either add a customer to your account or ask your customers to select you as their contractor (see: How to Add an Existing Customer to Your Account). Your Contractor Settings will show you how your details appear to Hydrawise customers.

  1. Click on Settings  icon, then My Account.



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