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Contractor - Adding a Customer

The steps below will explain how to add a customer with an existing account and adding a customer without an account already created.

 Add a customer

  1. Click on Settings  icon, then My Customers.

     2.  Scroll to bottom to the My Customers section, then click on the PLUS tab.

This will display the Add New Customer screen. 

  1. Enter their email address or serial number to link their account to your account. Then click Next
  2. If the customer already setup an account, you will be prompted to Click Request Access. This will send the customer an email asking for access to manage their controller.
  3. If your customer does not have an account, Enter the email address requested by the customer. You’ll then be able to create an account.

Add a Customer


 Selections Descriptions
Customer's Email The email address that the customer will use to log in to their account
Customer's Name The customer’s name
Type of User
  • If you want your customer to have full control over their system, select “Can modify configuration and run zones.”
  • If you don’t want your customer to change their configuration, select “Can view configuration, manually run zones.”
Send Notifications To Choose where to send emails about controllers being offline or plans requiring renewal. This can be either your email address or your customer’s email address.
Send activation email to me instead of customer’s email address If you don’t want the customer to receive an account activation email, check this box and the activation email will be sent to your email address instead.


Once you click Create, you’ll be taken through a wizard to set up your customer’s controller. The controller will be linked to your account. If you choose yourself as the recipient, you’ll receive the activation email. Otherwise, the email will be sent to the customer. Once the customer's account is activated and the customer can view the Dashboard, they will need to set a password. Your new customer will then be visible in your list of customers in the Contractor Portal.
New Customer In List

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