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Account - Hydrawise API (Ad-hoc)

An API is a programming language that allows two different applications to communicate, or interface, with each other. An API is used to enhance features and add functionality to one or both applications.

The Hydrawise API allows developers to integrate functions such as starting or stopping irrigation zones into their applications.

How do I enable it?

To use the Hydrawise API, you’ll need an API key. The key is a 16-digit number and is unique to your account. You can think of your API key like a complex password.

To create your API key, log in to your Hydrawise account. Go to My Account and click on Generate API Key.

How do I use the key?

You’ll need programming expertise to use the Hydrawise API. Once you’ve created your key, refer to our API documentation for more information.

How do I get help?

While we can’t troubleshoot your code, we’re happy to help with any questions you have regarding the format of the API. Please open a support ticket with questions or suggestions.

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