Wi-Fi Irrigation Control

What are the unit specifications?

Hydrawise irrigation controller specifications


  • Up to 6 or 12 zones (stations), depending on the model purchased
  • Controllers are stackable to expand capacity
  • Designed for industry-standard 24V AC solenoids

Programmed runs

  • Unlimited number of start times
  • Each start time can be enabled on a day-of-the-week basis
  • Odd- or even-day watering
  • User-defined garden types to simplify watering setup and management

Rain sensing

  • Internet weather stations and external rain sensor input

Schedule modifications

  • Forecast temperature above or below set thresholds
  • Rainfall amount above set thresholds
  • Remote start, stop, or suspend capabilities through your web browser or app
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment

Internet connectivity

  • Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g compatible) connects to standards-based wireless access point
  • Security open or preshared key with WPA/WPA2


  • 170 mm (l) x 139 mm (w) x 32 mm (d)

Supplied items

  • Hydrawise controller (6 or 12 zones)
  • 24V AC 1 amp plug pack (Australian or U.S. plug types)
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