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How long does it take for changes to be applied to my Hydrawise controller?

Any changes that you make in your Hydrawise portal will be updated to your Hydrawise controller within a few minutes.

There are two ways to check the status of your controller updates.

1. You can go to your Dashboard and hover over Status. This will give you an indication of when your controller last synced.

2. You can check on the physical controller by going to Status > Controller Status. From here, you can view your Server Status. It will either say Synced or Checking. Checking indicates the system is looking for changes made on your account and will re-sync to keep the controller and your dashboard synchronized.


From this screen, you can find more information regarding your controller, including:

Serial This is the serial number of your controller.
Version This is the software version of your controller
Success The rate of success your controller syncs with your Dashboard.
Uptime How long your controller has been on since it last reset or was powered on.
Model This is the model number of your controller

Important: If you have a low success rate for syncing, there may be a signal issue between your controller and your Wi-Fi network.

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