Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


How do offline water adjustments work?

Offline Watering Adjustments are only applicable when the unit is showing as offline on the Dashboard (i.e., 30 minutes after the controller loses internet) and the next scheduled irrigation cycle for each zone is complete.

In offline mode, the controller will shorten zone watering times based on watering adjustments set up beforehand. 

So, if the next irrigation event for a zone was scheduled for Saturday, offline mode for that zone would start after the irrigation event on Saturday if the controller didn’t have the internet. If there are no irrigation events scheduled in the controller when it loses the internet, offline mode will start 30 minutes after the controller loses internet.

NOTE: This happens on a per-zone basis. The reason we do it this way is so that a short period of internet loss does not put a zone into offline mode unless there is no future irrigation information for that zone.



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