Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


How much data and picture storage do I get?

As part of our Hydrawise features, you get a set allowance for data. That way, you can upload personalized photos for your zones, file sheets, and other data for your customers if you are a contractor.

The table below shows the data allowance based on your plan:

Home Plans Capacity
Free (Home Plan & Personal Weather Station Plans) 25 MB
Enthusiast Plan 100 MB


Contractor Plans Capacity
Contractor Starter Plans (Free) 25 MB
Contractor Plan 100 MB
Bronze Plan 100 MB
Silver Plan 150 MB
Gold Plan 200 MB

Auto resize is also available. This automatically reduces the file size of image uploads based on the following conditions:

  1. If the file size is greater than 1.5 MB, we reduce image size to 2000 pixels.
  2. All other files are converted to JPG.
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