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Contractor - Transferring Controller from Contractor to Homeowner

Use this document for help with the following scenario:

  • The contractor no longer wishes to maintain the controller, and wants to transfer control to the homeowner.
  • The homeowner has not yet set up an account.

First, instruct the homeowner to register for a Hydrawise account. The next steps show what the homeowner will be responsible for:

  1. Visit www.hydrawise.com.
  2. Select “Try Now” and fill out the registration form.
  3. Once the homeowner receives the confirmation email, have them click on “Let’s Get Started!”
  4. IMPORTANT: After they accept the terms, they will need to immediately exit the setup wizard.
  5. The system will then request that the homeowner chooses and enter a password. After this step, the homeowner is done.


From this point forward, the contractor will need to do the following:

  1. Add the homeowner/customer to your list by clicking on the add button, shown below.


  1. Enter the homeowner’s email address.
  2. The system should show that the homeowner is already registered for an account.


  1. Click on “Request Access.”
  1. In the controller list, locate the controller you want to move and click on the three dots, then MOVE.


  1. Choose the customer account that you added to the list earlier and click “Move.”
  2. If you are successful, you should see the following message:
  3. You can then delete the customer from your account by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Remove From My Account."

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