Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Flow Meter - Install Chart

The chart below will include all the necessary key points of the install to avoid any false alerts or readings.


Installation Steps Description
Flow Meter Body Analog dial for manual readings shown in US gallons. Units can be changed in App to gallons or liters.
Adapter Brass unions included to fit your irrigation system.
Entry Location Install between the master valve and zone valves. Meter should be installed 10 times pipe diameter before and 5 times after with straight pipe, no fittings.
Cable used 18 gauge - 1000 foot max Length. Shielded wire is highly recommended. Cable should consist of two dedicated wires and must not be in the same conduit, cable bundle or trench as the solenoid wires. DO NOT share common wire.
Flow meter body Arrow indicates direction of flow.

Wire Connection

Blue/White wire only, red not used. See sensor configuration for more info based on model controller.
Log in to your account Enter your login information.
Create your flow sensor App will show options for all HC meters.
Creating Alerts See link here
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