Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Account - Controller Configuration

To change the configuration of your controller, select Configuration from the menu in the top right hand corner.


Controller Settings

Some configuration options include –

Controller Name: The name of your controller

Serial Number: The controller’s serial number. Click ‘Remove Serial’ to remove the serial number and replace it with another physical controller

Notification Email: The email address notifications are sent to when the controller is offline, or Hydrawise needs to contact you (for example when your subscription plan is about to end)

Notify: The amount of time that your controller is offline for before we notify you

Units: The units used for reports, alerts and elsewhere in the app

Inter Zone Delay: The number of seconds to insert between each zone watering when calculating scheduled

Master Valve Delay: The minimum number of seconds that the master valve should be active before any zone starts

Hide password: If set to yes, this will hide your wireless password on the controller. If your controller is in a publicly accessible area we recommend you hide your password.


Expansion Modules

Here you can see your expansion modules and when they last made contact. You can also add or remove expansion modules.  Up to 2 expansion modules can be added to a single Hunter HC controller.


When you add an expansion module you will need to give it a name and specify the ID number that you selected when setting up the module.

Offline Water Adjustments

Offline water adjustments allow the controller to automatically adjust the amount of watering on a month- by-month basis if the controller is in an Offline mode (ie. if is not connected to the internet).





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