Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Account - Assigning Images on Mobile

Before assigning the image to an individual zone with your mobile device, please make sure it is captured in the correct orientation (landscape) mode as seen in the illustration below: 



From the "zones section", you can assign an image to each zone.  Click on the Image Add button  next to the Zone Edit button at the bottom right.



You can upload multiple images per zone or take a photo using phone camera. The total number of images that can be uploaded is based on the images size and is different for each account’s Plan Subscription.

After an image is uploaded you can select an image to be displayed on the Dashboard by editing the zone  and selecting the image in the Zone Icon list.


To REMOVE the image, you can click on the image in the "zones" settings and the following screen will appear.   The existing image can be deleted and new one added on the upper right-hand side.




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