Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


Account - Set Up Wizard

To be able to configure your controller from the Hydrawise App or website you will need to connect your controller to the internet and link the serial number of the controller to your account.

The controller does not need to be connected to the internet when you’re making your configuration changes if it isn’t connected at the time the changes are made the new configuration will be loaded once the controller connects to the internet.

The Getting Started wizard is shown when you first create a new account or when you select Settings -> Setup Wizard in the app.

  1. If you have not already done so, create an account at the Hydrawise web Go to http://hydrawise.com/try-now and register for an account.
  2. Log into your If this is the first time that you have logged in you will be guided through a setup wizard to help you with initial configuration of your controller.


Setting the Controller Model

The wizard will ask you to choose the model of your controller. You can search by SKU or simply select the model from the list.  If you’re setting up a trial account, choose the closest model to the one you want – you can always change it later.


Setting the Controller Name and Serial Number

The wizard will ask you to give your controller a name and also to enter the serial number. If you’re setting up a test account and you don’t yet have a controller you can leave the serial number blank.



 Controller Location

Set the address where your controller is located. Your controller will use this address for weather forecasts.

When you click Update Address you will see local weather stations to which you can subscribe.

You can subscribe to one or more weather stations by clicking on them and choosing Subscribe. The weather stations that you’ve subscribed to will display in blue.

You can subscribe to one of the two closest airport stations for free – these will be updated daily.

If you have an Enthusiast plan you can subscribe to up to 5 personal, airport or other official stations. The advantage of subscribing to multiple weather stations is that the results will be evaluated to remove any particularly high or low readings which might be inaccurate.

Configuring the Master Valve

 If your irrigation system has a master valve then configure it here. 


Adding Zones

Now you can add the zones for the various parts of your garden. 

Setting Program Start Times

The last step in configuring your controller is to set up your program start times. These will tell your controller when it’s allowed to water. You can set specific days of the week or use odd/even watering days. You can also set the time of day and then link the program start times to particular zones and schedules.





Your controller is now configured and ready for use.


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