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Account - System Shut Off

In the application (Smart Device or PC), you can suspend your system for any period of time for winterization purposes or basic system shut down.  For information on winterizing with a HC flow meter installed, CLICK HERE.

First, CLICK on the gear above the zones. 



Next, CLICK "Suspend all zones." 



Select the date range for which you would like the controller to be suspended. Use the arrow in the gray drop-down box to select a day and month. Once the date is selected, CLICK suspend.



Your zones should all appear faded and you will get the following message: “All zones suspended for XX months.”This message will disappear after a few minutes.



If you wish to restart your system before the due date, CLICK the single gear above your zones, and CLICK“Suspend all zones.” Then, CLICK “Remove suspension” in RED. The suspension will be removed and the system will be ready for watering.




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