Wi-Fi Irrigation Control
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Controller - Function Paths

Below is a list of function paths for use with the controller interface in both online mode and offline mode.

Online Mode:

Change Wi-Fi/Check Status: Home>Settings>Wireless>Select a Setting to Modify

Controller Status: Home>Status>Controller Status

Program Expander: Home>Status>Expansion Modules

Manually Run Zone(s): Home>Zones>Select Zone> Run>Enter Time>OK

Model: Home>Status>Controller Status

Network Status: Home>Status>Network

Reboot Controller: Home>Settings>Config>Reboot Controller

Reset Controller: Home>Settings>Config>Factory Default

Run Wizard: Home>Settings>Run Wizard

Sensor Status: Home>Status>Sensor

Serial Number: Home>Status>Controller Status

Server Status: Home>Status>Controller Status

Test Network: Home>Status>Network>Test Network

Test Zone: Home>Status>Zone Tester

Time and Date: Home>Status>Time

Version Number: Home>Status>Controller Status

Zone Status: Home>Zones>Select Zone


Offline Mode:
(Note: Changes can be done in offline status only when Wi-Fi is disabled.)

Adjust Time: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Time

Disable Wi-Fi: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Disable Wi-Fi

Program Expander/Check Status: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Expansion Modules

Program Sensor/Check Status: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Sensors

Program Start Times: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Program Start Times

Set Seasonal Adjust: Home>Settings>Offline Status>Seasonal Adjust

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