Wi-Fi Irrigation Control
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Wireless - Wi-Fi Specifications

The following Wi-Fi requirements apply to your Hunter Hydrawise-ready controller:

  • Hunter HC controller is 802.11 B/G
  • Hunter Pro-HC controller is 802.11 B/G/N
  • Hunter HPC controller is 802.11 B/G/N

 Here are some tips to ensure optimal controller functionality:


WIFI Checklist:
Bandwidth 2.4 GHz only. Not compatible with 5 GHz
Router Channel Set between 1-11
Security Type WPA or WPA 2
Guest Networks/Networks with portal page login Not compatible
Mac Address (If Needed)
  • HC - Enter 001e followed by serial number (e.g., 001e05fb90ce)
  • HPC/PROHC - Enter f8f0 followed by serial number (e.g., f8f005fb90ce)
NOTE: The network must not contain enterprise access points that have been configured to require certificates or other forms of enterprise authentication.


 Additional Information

The network must not contain enterprise access points that have been configured to require certificates or other forms of enterprise authentication. Hydrawise-ready controllers cannot connect to guest networks or networks that use a portal page to log in.

 The HC and Pro-HC controllers only connect to the Wi-Fi network to gain internet access to Hydrawise cloud-based servers held within AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud-based systems. If you connect the controllers via MAC addressing, use the manual method. Do this by entering the prefix 001e followed by the controller serial number for the HC (e.g., 001e05fb90ce) and entering the f8f0 followed by the controller serial number  for the PROHC (e.g., f8f005fb90ce).

 The Hydrawise system allows for remote controller programming via smartphones, tablets, and internet-connected computers. All functions of the Hydrawise system can be performed from these devices. 

  • Internet-connected computers and laptops connect to the local network through the internet and to the Hydrawise cloud via a web login at hydrawise.com. This web link provides a unique login and secure password access to the Hydrawise system located on the AWS servers.
  • Smartphones and tablets require the use of an app that provides a secure connection to the Hydrawise system on the AWS servers. Hydrawise provides iOS and Android apps.

Hydrawise Security Statement

 All Hunter Internet-connected devices, including Hydrawise™-enabled irrigation controllers, maintain the highest standards for security.

Web and App Security

Hunter follows industry best practices for security:

  • All information exchanged between your controller and the Hydrawise service is encrypted, and no user identifiable information is transmitted between the controller and the Hydrawise service.
  • We support industry standard protocols to secure your Wi-Fi connection. We strongly recommend that you use WPA2 to secure your Wi-Fi connection.
  • All information exchanged between your web browser or app and the Hydrawise service is encrypted.
  • When accessed remotely through our service, the Hydrawise system can only see your controller. It cannot view or access any other devices on your home network.
  • No information about your home network (e.g., wireless name or passwords) is transmitted to the Hydrawise service. Your wireless password is hidden on the controller touch screen as soon as your controller connects to the Hydrawise service.
  • We do not use port forwarding or require any router ports to be opened.

 To help maintain a secure system, Hunter:

  • Continually upgrades all controller firmware and software.
  • Employs both internal and external system auditing.
  • Consults with independent security companies to ensure we are following best practices.
  • Performs full code penetration testing.
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