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How to Test a Zone

There are two ways to test the zones on your Hydrawise controller. You can test from the controller directly or from your mobile app and internet browser.

Offline Mode: To test your zones straight from the controller, use the zone tester function. Access this tool by tapping on the screen and going to Status > Zone Tester > Select Zone > Run. Note that you can switch between zones without having to stop and restart the zone tester.

Online Mode: To test your zones using your application, first make sure that the controller and your mobile device or PC are connected to the internet. From the Dashboard, click on the zone you want to test. Then click the play button to start the zone. You can run it using the default run time or enter a custom time.

Using the custom time, you can designate the number of minutes for which you want to test your zone, instead of running the normal run time.

You can also stop a zone by clicking on the same zone and pressing the stop button. So even if you use the normal run length, you do not need to wait it out before it finishes. You can click on the zone and press stop.

This will then stop the manually started zone.

IMPORTANT: When testing a zone using the online method, please note that the delay you see between each manual command reflects the latency between your controller, your internet connection, and our cloud server. If you questions about this, contact us at support@hydrawise.com.

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